Cauchi Photography is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 through 5:00. We are also available evenings and weekends by appointment. Please call (925) 875-1880 for an appointment.

It is always a good idea to contact the office instead of just stopping by, as we may be out on a shooting assignment, running an errand or out of the office for another reason.

Cauchi Photography is centrally located in Dublin CA. We have easy access to all points of the San Francisco Bay Area from Santa Rosa to Monterey to Tracy.

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Cauchi Photography began in 1983. We have almost 30 years of experience and have helped some 2500 couples create some very unique wedding images.

The wedding day can be a very stressful day. You should work with someone with someone who has previously experienced with some of the common dynamics of a wedding.Some of those dynamics might include...

Family Dynamics

Vendor issues

Guest issues

Knowledge of the wedding site

Any one of a variety of unexpected changes to the day

Every event is unique so it is impossible to guarantee a specific number. As a guide, we can estimate that we will create anywhere between 100-150 images for each hour that we are at your events.

We create each image individually instead of just holding the shutter down and hoping for the best.

While we strongly believe in quality over quantity we also believe in creating as many images as necessary to do the best possible job on your day.

All images a created in the RAW format. This format allows for the most flexibility in processing the images after your event.

Images created in "jpeg" format, compress the image to save file space. Some information is discarded when shooting in this format.

A couple of question to ask, might include...

Have you worked at the location before?

This is so important because, each location has its own challenges, the best shooting locations, where to go if the wind kicks up, and anyone with experience will know best how to use that location.

Do you bring any back-up equipment?

Only a photographer committed to your day will bring enough equipment to address any situation. Back-up equipment is essential for any successful wedding.

Of course, these are only a couple of questions to ask. Others will depend on the specifics of your day.

When you are ready to book Cauchi Photography as your event photographer, we will need to review and sign a contract for your date.

We request a retainer of $900 to secure a photographer for your date.

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