On one of the most important days of one life, you want to make sure that every precious moment is captured. That is where Bobbi and Jerry come in. This is my second marriage and even though my previous marriage did not work out, my pictures were beautiful from Cauchi Photography. I was very excited to ask Bobbi if she was ready for round 2! I was getting married at SF city hall and the Argonaut Hotel where there are a ton of beautiful picture opportunities at these locations and I knew Bobbi was just the photographer to take advantage of the scenery.

Our wedding was only a couple of weeks ago, but from the pictures she posted on her companies' FB page, I'm so thrilled and excited about them. Take a look for yourself, they are awesome!

I would absolutely recommend Cauchi Photography to help capture your memories for any special event!

Beautiful images, professional, and fun to work with!

I have used Cauchi Photography for several family photos. Both group shots and individuals.

Working with Jerry has been a pleasure. He has always been attentive and made good recommendations. Bobbi has offered constructive suggestions when discussing clothing and composition.

I really like the way he posts the photos on his web site so I can review them at my leisure and forward the links to family members for their input and opinions. I have never felt pressure to make decisions and they have always been professional where payments were concerned.

I would gladly recommend Cauchi Photography for anyone looking for a photographer.

Here is how I would describe Bobbi and Jerry Cauchi...

-awesome -professional -knowledgeable -experienced -friendly -efficient

My wife and I had a huge wedding party and an even larger family. They took chargeand created all the shots we needed. They helped everyone at the wedding stay on schedule and remained extremely friendly and engaging the entire time.

I would hire them to photograph all the important events in my life.

Cauchi Photography is a first class service!

Bobbi and Jerry are incredibly passionate and a fantastic tandem team or solo service. Charming, savvy and up on current trends and shoots, hands down they are one of my favorite local photographers in the East Bay and FOR SURE in Livermore.

Professional from start to finish, insightful from start to finish, creative from start to finish- Brides and Grooms will love them on the Wedding Day, fall under their spell in planning, and reap the benefits of spectacular pictures after the Big Day.

Bobbi and Jerry are truly special and the real deal. Call now, if your lucky they will have open dates! Cauchi is the only way to go if you want memories of a life time captured!

My wife and I were lucky enough to have Bobbi and Jerry there to photograph our wedding rehearsal as well as the big day itself.

We could not have been happier with their work. Not only are they super fun to be around, but the pictures they took came out incredible! We were married in Capitola, CA so there was some amazing scenery for them to shoot with. My wife and I have numerous pictures they took that we call our favorites. They are all so good, it's hard to choose just one!

Bobbi and Jerry were also invited us to come into their studio, to view the images. They showed us all kinds of albums we could choose from and really made us feel at home while we were there.

To make a long story short, we absolutely love the pictures they took and could have asked for a better dynamic duo then Bobbi and Jerry. They succeeded in helping make our wedding weekend as special as it was.

Should we need more photography help in the near future, we know who we will turn to!